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从A, B, C, D四个选项中选出最恰当的一个选项。

1. Vickie had most probably ___C_ her for another sort of girl.

A. regarded B. viewed C. mistaken D. looked

2. The police investigation discovered that three young men were __B__ in the robbery.

A. caught B. involved C. connected D. tightened

3. Only guests of the hotel enjoy the __A__ of using the private beach.

A. privilege B. possibility C. favor D. advantage

4. He felt rather __D__ as he was the only person who wore sportswear at the party.

A. in place B. in the way C. by the way D. out of place

5. The _B___ power of the people in this town has been decreasing because most young people have left for the big cities.

A. shopping B. purchasing C. enduring D. spending

6. I received a ___D_ parcel yesterday and I am still wondering who may have sent it.

A. sincere B. dull C. complicated D. mysterious

7. The school bus was _A___ by a thick fog.

A. held up B. broken off C. kept up D. put off

8. How we __B__ a chance to visit your great country?

A. looked for B. longed for C. waited for D. went for

9. “We’ll do what we can to get the goods _C___ on time,” said the manager.

A. reached B. delivered C. returned D. come

10. It is the boy’s laziness that __C__ his failure in the exams.

A. resulted from B. brought in C. resulted in D. led into

11. We can depend on Bob to make a sound choice.

A. correct B. sensitive C. noisy D. considered

12. Excuse me for C you with such a small matter.

A. questioning B. troubling C. interrupting D. keeping

13. The manager flew into a rage when he heard that his secretary had disobeyed his instructions. A

A. range B. disappointment C. penalty D. great anger

14. Many people have the illusion that wealth is the chief source of happiness. A

A. false idea B. imagination C. vision D. impression

15. He tends to get ill-tempered when he is drunk. B

A. has the habit of getting B. very often gets

C. pretends to get D. is tempted to get

16. I did not expect him to reveal his intentions. B

A. tell B. indicate C. make known D. expose

17. Some of the students in the class seem reluctant to help those who have difficulties in their studies. B

A. willing B. unwilling C. reliable D. responsible

18. Many youngsters find it harder to appreciate classical music than pop music. C

A. listen to and understand B. enjoy and interpret

C. understand and enjoy D. comprehend

19. When we are especially interested in one aspect of a problem we often ignore the other aspects. B

A. take no notice of B. miss C. attach no importance to D. fail to think of

20. Then he was asked to give a specific example to illustrate the application of this new theory. B

A. special B. detailed C. particular D. general


从A, B, C, D四个选项中选出最恰当的一个选项。

1. Helen wants to know whether the measures have been agreed __D__.

A. to B. with C. over D. upon

2. It was because the applicant was too conceited ___A_ he failed in the interview.

A. that B. so that C. so D. therefore

3. The team really looks good tonight because the coach had them __A__ every night this week.

A. practice B. to practice C. practiced D. practicing

4. I’m afraid I won’t have any influence over my 18-year-old daughter __C__ her mind is made up.

A. the moment B. as soon as C. once D. since

5. Excuse me, but it is time to have your temperature __D__.

A. taking B. to take C. take D. taken

6. Mary’s dress is similar in design __D__ her sister’s.

A. with B. like C. to D. as

7. _C___ it is you’ve found, you must give it back to the person it belongs to.

A. That B. What C. Whatever D. However

8. Consumers should do __D__ than simply complain about the poor quality of goods.

A. much less B. some more C. far less D. far more

9. Tim __C__ California in 1998 and ____ in Texas ever since.

A. left; worked B. has left; has worked

C. left; has worked D. has left; worked

10. Scientists didn’t know much about lung cancer __C__.

A. before long B. until recently

C. long before D. in the past few years



How does a doctor recognize the point in time when he is finally a “surgeon”? As my year as chief resident drew to a close I asked myself this q 1 on more than one o 2 . The answer, I c 3 , was self-confidence. When you can say to yourself, “There is no surgical p 4 I cannot treat completely, treat just as well as or better than any other s 5 , then, and not until then, you are indeed a surgeon. I was nearing that point. Take, for example, the e 6 situations that we encountered almost every night. The first few months of the year I had dreaded the ringing of the telephone. I knew it meant another critical d 7 to be made. Often, after I had told Walt or Larry what to do in a p 8 situation, I’d have trouble getting back to s 9 . I’d review all the facts of the case and, not i 10 , wonder if I hadn’t made a poor decision. More than once at two or three in the morning, after lying awake for an hour, I’d get out of bed, dress and drive to the hospital to see the patient myself. It was the only way I could find the peace of mind I needed to relax.

1. _____question________ 2. ________occasion____

3. ______concluded______ 4. ________patient_____

5. ________surgeon_______ 6. ______emergency________

7. _______decision_________ 8. ___particular____________

9. ________sleep______ 10. ____infrequently_______


1. Many psychologists today are working to try to determine just how a person experiences or perceives the world around him. Using a scientific approach, these psychologists set up experiments in which they can control all of the factors. By measuring the results of many experiments, they are trying to find out what makes different people perceive totally different things about the same scene.


2. 他们花了两天时间想另外找个人来接替前一星期被解雇的“大个子吉姆”。但因为没有人愿意接受这一工作,他们被迫又让吉姆回来了。吉姆过去一向认为,他在学习上花的时间越多,就会取得越好的成绩,但现在他已经认识到,情况并非都是如此。

They spent two days in looking for someone else to supersede Tom who was fired a week ago. However, since nobody was willing to take this job, they were compelled to ask him come back. Jim used to think that the more time he spent studying, the better he would achieve, but now he has realized that this is not always the case.







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