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I. Phonetics ( 5 points)

Directions: In each of the following groups of words, there are four underlined letters or letter combinations marked A, B, C and D. Compare the underlined parts and identify the one thatis different from the others in pronunciation. Mark your answer by blackening the corres-ponding letter on the Answer Sheet.

1、根据读音,选择出划线部分读音不同的选项。( )

A.dear B.heart C.ear D.tear



2、根据读音,选择出划线部分读音不同的选项。( )

A.afternoon B.classroom C.roommate D.boot



3、根据读音,选择出划线部分读音不同的选项。( )

A.however B.narrow C.shallow D.Snowy



4、根据读音,选择出划线部分读音不同的选项。( )来源环球网校

A.invasion B.decision C.occasion D.Discussion



5、根据读音,选择出划线部分读音不同的选项。( )

A. guide B.guess C.language D.guest



II. Vocabulary and Structure( 15 points)

Directions:There are 15 incomplete sentences in this section. For each sentence there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose one answer that best completes the sentence and blacken the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.

6、Without the help of people from every corner of the world, people in Wenchuan County, Sichuan Province__________recovered very quickly from the May Twelfth Earthquake.

A.must not have B.couldn't have C.may not have D.can't have


参考解析:考查虚拟语气。句意为:“如果没有各国的援助,四川汶川的人们不可能很快从5·12大地震中恢复过来!眂ouldn’t have done意为“不可能做某事”。

7、I__________ swim in summer when I was young.

A.used toB.usedC.was used toD.did used to


参考解析:句中的时间状语是when l was young,表示过去,因此应选A项!皍sed to+动词原形”意为“过去常常做某事(而现在不做了)”。

8、Henry will not be able to attend the meeting tonight because

A.he must to teach a class

B.he will be teaching a class

C.he will teach a class

D.he will have teaching a class



9、Nowhere else in the world__________more friendly people than in this small town.

A.you might find B.you will find C.can you find D.should you find



10、A completely new 来源环球网校situation will __________ when the examination system comes into existence.

A.arise B.rise C.raise D.arouse



11、He__________ studied, yet he passed every exam.

A.frequently B.little C.regularly D.rarely


参考解析:regularly“有规律地”;rarely“极少, 很少”;frequently“经常地”;little“几乎没有,几乎不”。D项是正确的。句意为:“他很少学习,可每次考试都过!比绻玪ittle放在动词后面,这句话就对了:He studied little.“他几乎不学习”。

12、Have you seen Jack and John?--I haven't seen__________ of them.

A.neither B.any C.either D.all



13、__________ cave that George has discovered in his lifetime is near the Alps.

A.The hundredth B.The hundred C.Hundredth D.A hundred



14、The man showed the boy__________ he should play the piano.

A.what B.when C.which D.how



15、Some of the guests __________ to the party were from'other cities.

A.to inviteB.invitedC.being invitedD.had been invited



16、--you see any foreigner present at the party?

--She was the only foreigner__________I saw at the party.

A.whom B.that C.who D.which


参考解析:这道题考查定语从句的用法。当先行词被the only修饰时,关系代词只能用that。

17、_________ Chicago is a beautiful city today,but_________ Chicago of the 1920s was a very dirty place.

A.The ; the B./ ;/ C.A ; the D./ ; the



18、I've worked here since I__________ Harvard Business School.

A.leave B.left C.have left D.had left



19、--Have you been paid for the painting?--Yes, I remember__________$ 60 for it.

A.to have paid B.to pay C.being paid D.paying



20、If you want his address,you will have to__________the number in the book.

A.look into B.look up C.look through D.look after


参考解析:look int0“浏览,调查”;look up“查(字典等)以得到信息”;look through“快速查看,浏览”;look after“照顾,照料”。

III. Cloze ( 30 points)

Directions:For each blank in the following passage, there are four choices marked A, B, Cand D. Choose the one that is most suitable and mark your answer by blackening the corres-ponding letter on the Answer Sheet.


Los Angeles has planted 2,000 rubber trees down the middle of one of its main streets. Thesetrees do not 21 rubber. They are,22,made of rubber. Mr. Joe Dynamo, a spokesman for LosAngeles 23 council, explained the reasons. He said:

"These 24 are representative of our virtual society. We have polystyrene grass on our golf olf 25. We have non-milk powder 26 our coffee. We 27 copies in plastic of old woodenfurniture. We have fiberglass tombstones.28 shouldn't we have trees made of rubber?"

"At 50 miles an hour,29 motorist will see any difference. And our preservation 30 willbe lower. You give the trees an annual rinse (清洗) with detergent, and 31 them off twice a year.We 32 a lot of money because transplanting, pruning, weeding and leaf-collection are all33. And we have a 60-year 34 guarantee on each plant. This is rationalization at 35 best. "

21、第21题应选( )

A.invent B.do C.produce D.create




22、第22题应选( )

A.in fact B.eventually C.practically D.as a matter


参考解析:种的是橡胶树却不能生产橡胶,这里是解释原因。用in fact“事实上”解释所种的不同于真的橡胶树。A项是正确的。

23、第23题应选( )

A.country B.state C.city D.county



24、第24题应选( )

A.plants B.trees C.rubber D.streets



25、第25题应选( )

A.courses B.places C.courts D.Playground


参考解析:高尔夫场地用course,golf course“高尔夫球场”。A项是正确的。

26、第26题应选( )

A.on B.of C.at D.in



27、第27题应选( )

A.make B.introduce C.build D.set



28、第28题应选( )

A.What B.How C.When D.Why



29、第29题应选( )

A.some B.no C.many D.a few



30、第30题应选( )

A.costs B.price C.money" , D.Award



31、第31题应选( )

A.sweep B.wash C.tidy D.Dust


参考解析:根据上下文,可以看出这里讲的是对假树的清洁工作:清洗和除尘。sweep them off“把树扫掉”,wash them off“把树洗掉”,tidy“整理”都不符合文章含义。D项是正确的。

32、第32题应选( )

A.waste B.keep C.save D.Store



33、第33题应选( )

A.essential B.accidental C.unnecessary D.necessary



34、第34题应选( )

A.fade B.non-fade C.die away D.Everlasting



35、第35题应选( )

A.one's B.its C.their D.the


参考解析:at one’s best“强有力的,全盛的”。one’S表示它所代表的事物,为所有格。应为its, ’这里it指的是rationalization“强辩,说明”。选项B是正确的。

IV. Reading Comprehension ( 60 points)

Directions:There are five reading passages in this part. Each passage is followed by fourquestions. For each question there are four suggested answers marked A, B, C and D. Chooseone best answer and blacken the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.


Would you like to spend all evening reading a lovely story with beautiful illustrations and make$ 35,000 at the same time? Millions of people all over the world tried to do just that. Only onesucceeded. The book is called Masquerade, and was written by British painter Kit Williams. Withinits pages are clues to the location of a golden jewel, and whoever figured out the clues could find andkeep the treasure.

Some years ago, Williams was asked to write a children's book. Wanting to do something no oneelse had done before, he decided to bury a golden treasure and tell where it was in the book. He be-gan painting without a clear idea of what the story would be about, where he would bury the treasure,or even what the treasure would be. As he painted, he decided that in the story a hare, or rabbit,would travel through earth, air,fire and water to deliver a gift from the moon to the sun.

After three years, he finished the paintings and then wrote the story. The treasure became an 18- carat gold hare, adorned with precious stones, and it was made by Kit Williams himself. This beauti-ful jewel ,worth around $ 35,000, depending on gold prices, was,buried somewhere in Britain, free toanyone who could decipher the clues. Williams's book kept people of all ages amused trying to solvethe mystery of Masquerade.

The rabbit was finally found in the spring of 1982,by a 48-year-old design engineer. It was bur-

ied in a park about thirty-five miles from London.

36、The function of the first sentence in this passage is to __________ .

A.give detail B.sum up the story C.capture the reader's interest D.elaborate upon'a point



37、When Williams began working on his book, he __________ .

A.was paid $ 35,000 B.learned to paint

C.had already buried the treasure D.did not know what the story would be about



38、We can conclude from the passage that _________.

A.the clues in Masquerade are easy to decipher

B.Kit Williams has many artistic talents

C.many people bury treasures in Britain

D.Kit Williams said he would pay $ 35,000 to whoever found the treasure



39、This passage is about __________ .

A.British painters B.golden jewelry C.a modern treasure hunt D.writing children's books


参考解析:这篇文章主要讲了Williams写这本书的目的是让人们寻宝。C项是正确的。其他三项都只是文章中整个事件的一部分,不是主题。Passage Four


If we had to rely on only five senses for survival, we would be in very sad shape indeed. Wewouldn't know up from down. We wouldn't know when to eat or drink. We wouldn't know what ourmuscles were doing or what position our limbs were in. We wouldn't know when our body was dam-aged because we wouldn't feel pain. We might freeze to death without even a shiver, or overheat with-out a drop of sweat. The five senses--touch, taste, smell, hearing and sight--respond only to stimula-tion from the outside world, but the inside world of our bodies must also receive and respond to im-portant messages.

Our internal senses keep us alive and enable us to use our external senses. In effect, the internalsenses tell our brains how to run our bodies. Hunger or thirst registers in a part of the brain called thehypothalamus(丘脑下部) ,when a lack of food chemicals are detected in the blood.

Another internal sense that controls our balance is maintained by three fluid-filled loops in theinner ear. Changes in position and gravity affect the motion of this liquid and cause changes in thebrain. A sense called kinesthesia(肌肉运动知觉)lets us know the relative positions of parts of ourbodies. Even our breathing is caused by a sense that identifies an overabundance of carbon dioxideand a lack of oxygen in the blood.

No one has been able to count the number of internal senses. The presence of delicate internal senses shows just how marvelously complex we human beings are.

40、This passage deal mostly with the __________.

A.internal senses B.sense of balance C.five senses D.brain's function



41、Hunger is caused by __________

A.too much food and water in the body B.a lack of oxygen in the blood

C.seeing or thinking about food D.a lack of certain chemicals in the blood



42、The passage implies that there are many senses we __________

A.can use only in emergencies B.may not understand at present

C.never realize we have D.do not actively use in everyday living



43、In the second paragraph, the term "in effect" means __________

A.in fact B.it is doubtful C.often D.without reason


参考解析:前面说明内部感官是干什么的。接着用in effect强调、总结,进一步说明内部感官的作用。A项是正确的。


In Japan's capital city of Tokyo, earthquake danger limits the height of buildings. The city hasspread out so far and the traffic has become so heavy that it is very difficult to get from one place toanother. The price of land,too,has become very high. All this explains why a group of Japanese landdevelopers came to the conclusion that there was nowhere to go but down. So far they have dug outspace underground for fifteen major shopping centers ,and the underground construction has only begun.What are some of the advantages of shopping and eating underground? Clean ,filtered( ~,,1~ )air is one of them. The city of Tokyo has one of the most serious smog problems in the world. An other advantage is that there won't be traffic accidents as that on the city's busy streets. Still another is the convenience of moving from place to place. You're usually right next to, or even in, a subway station.And you can even spend the night underground if you like. The Kyobashi Station, for example, indown town Tokyo, has a hotel with a bar, restaurant and barbershop.

44、It is very difficult to get from one place to another in Tokyo because __________.

A.the city is so large and so high B.there is no traffic

C.we don't know the road D.the city is so large and the traffic is so heavy



45、All are the seasons for Tokyo to develop underground EXCEPT __________

A.the high buildings B.the high price of land C.the far spreading of the city D.the heavy traffic



46、Shopping underground is clean __________ ,.,

A.without air pollution B.of water C.and tidy D.and beautiful



47、The second paragraph tells us __________

A.underground is convenient B.the advantages of underground

C.we can have good food underground D.you can spend the night underground




The discovery of a dwarfed (矮个的)"human being" who lived in Flores, Indonesia, up to 18,000 years ago is changing the way we think about the human family. This "Flores Human"wasthree foot tall and her brain was smaller than that of the average chimp(黑猩猩) ,yet she and herrelatives apparently lived fully human lives. They seem to have made tools, worked together to findfd and cook it, and perhaps even burried their dead with ceremony.

It was a major surprise to find tools associated with the new human family member. The tools arelike those formerly seen only with European fossils (化石)from our own species;Homo sapiens (智人) ;and the oldest of them were made 9,400 years ago. Homo sapiens is thought to have arrived inthe island about 4,000 years ago, much too late to be responsible for the tools. If this tiny humanmade the tools, then the inside structure (结构)of its brain must have been more like our own than a chimp's, despite being just a third the size of ours.

This "new human" was suspected to be a dwarfed branch of Homo erectus( 直立人). When crea-tures are separated in regions with rare resources but few enemies, being big is a disadvantage, andevolution tends to shrink them, a process known as island dwafng. Could natural selection make a hu-man smaller while keeping--even improving--mental ability? Quite possibly, believes ChristopherWills of the University of California.

Has the "Flores Human" even shown the ability of language? "I find it difficult to imagine thatpeople could make tools, use fire, and kill large animals without fairly advanced communication," Willssays. Did "Flores Human" possess the basic components of human culture--such as the burying of thedead with ceremony? Emiliano Bruner of the Italian Institute points out that Indonesia's hot,wet envi-ronment is bad for fossilization. It is reasonable to assume,he says,that the 18,000-year-old bones ofthe most complete Flores woman were well-preserved because she was buried with special care.

48、According to the passage," Flores Human"__________ .

A.lived a partly human life B.was a branch of Homo sapiens

C.used tools before Homo sapiens arrived D.had a brain as large as a common chimp's


参考解析:依据在第二段中,比较隐蔽,根据“H0— mo sapiens is thought to have arrived in the island about4,000 years a90,much too late to be responsible for thetools.”可知答案为c项。也可以用排除法,A、B、D三项与文章内容矛盾。

49、The underlined part "this tiny human" in Paragraph 2 refers to __________ .

A.a chimp B.Flores Human C.Homo sapiens D.Homo erectus


参考解析:本文是围绕Flores Human展开的,A、C、D三项都只是说明其中的一部分情况。根据上下文可知B项正确。

50、This passage mainly talks about __________ .

A.the tools made by "Flores Human" B.the language used by "Flores Human"

C.the evolution of "Flores Human" D.the major surprising findings about "Flores Human"



51、According to the passage, it is believed that "Flores Human"__________ .

A.was dwarfed by its enemies B.could use language

C.left a lot of fossils in the hot and wet environment D.reached Flores 40,000 years ago




Unlike modern animal scientists, dinosaur scientists cannot sit on a hillside and use telescopesto watch dinosaurs in order to know how they lived and whether they were good parents. Instead, theyhave to search hard for information from dinosaurs' fossils (恐龙化石)because dinosaurs died outmillions of years ago.

It's very difficult for the scientists to reach an agreement because different results can be gotfrom the same fossils. Many fossils of the same kind of dinosaurs have been dug out from oneplace. They might have formed when an entire group of dinosaurs got stuck (陷人) all at once. Orthey might have been the result of dinosaurs getting stuck one after another over a course of a few centuries. Thus we can say that dinosaurs might have in the first case lived in big groups and inthe second lived alone.

Though there are two different results, dinosaur scientists now generally agree tha~" at least somekinds of dinosaurs lived in big groups. "That's pretty much settled at this point," says Paul Sereno.A kind of dinosaurs called Sauropods left behind tracks in the western United States that appear torun north and south, suggesting that they even moved long distances together.

As to whether dinosaurs cared for their young, dinosaur scientists have turned to the closest liv-ing relatives of dinosaurs--birds and crocodiles--for possible models. Birds give a lot of care to theiryoung, while crocodiles just help their young to the water. The discovered fossils of dinosaurs sittingon their eggs and staying with their young suggest the parents were taking care of their babies, but westill cannot say that all dinosaurs did the same.

There is still a long way to go before the above questions could be answered. Dinosaur scientists

will have to find more proof to reach an agreement.

52、Dinosaur scientists can get information directly by ____________ .

A.studying dinosaur fossils B.examinipg modern animals

C.watching dinosaurs D.using tel'es~opes



53、What is pretty much settled according to Paul Sereno?

A.Half of the dinosaurs lived alone. B.Most dinosaurs moved long distances.

C.Many dinosaurs settled in the north. D.Some dinosaurs lived in big groups.


参考解析:根据Paul Seren0所说的话可知that指的是上文提到的内容,再结合本段第一句话可判断D项正确。

54、Dinosaur scientists can probably know whether dinosaurs were good parents by __________ .

A.watching many kinds of animals B.studying dinosaurs' living relatives

C.following the tracks left behind D.working on dug-out dinosaur eggs



55、Which of the following is TRUE according to the 4th paragraph?

A.Birds hardly pay attention to their young. B.Baby crocodiles can look after themselves well.

C.Some dinosaurs took care of their young. D.Birds and crocodiles take good care of their young.



V. Daily Conversation ( 15 points)

Directions:Pick out five appropriate expressions from the eight choices below and completethe following dialogue by blackening the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.


Reservations clerk :Northwind Airlines. Can I help you?Daniel Adams:Hello. I'd like to 56,please.

Reservations clerk:May I have your name and 57 ,please?

Daniel Adams:My name is Daniel Adams and my flight number is 374.Reservations clerk:When are you leaving?

Daniel Adams : 58

Reservations clerk:And your destination? -',,

Daniel Adams : Buenos Aires.

Reservations clerk : 59 ,please. (...) All right. Your seat is confirmed, Mr. Adams. You'll be arriving in Buenos Aires at 4 o'clock p. m. local time.Daniel Adams:Thank you. Can I pick up my ticket when I check in?

Reservations clerk:Yes,but 60 at least one hour before departure time.

A.Hold the line B.flight number C.ask a question

D.To New York E.May I have you name F.reconfirm my seat

G.please check in H.Om may 11th

56、第56题应填( )


57、第57题应填( )


58、第58题应填( )


59、第59题应填( )


60、第60题应填( )


VI. Writing (25 points)

Directions:For this part, you are supposed to write a composition of about 100 -120 wordsbased on the following situation. Remember to write it clearly.61你校学生会将为来访的美国朋友举办一个晚会,要在学校广播中宣布此事,并欢迎大家参加。为使美国朋友听懂,请你用英语写一篇广播通知。要点如下:







生词:交换礼品——to exchange gifts;学生会——the Students’Union

May I have your attention,please? I have an announcement to make.


May I have your attention,please?I have an an—nouncement to make.The Student Union is going to holda paay on Saturday evenin9,August l3,to welcome ourfriends from the United States.The party will be held inthe roof garden of the Main Buildin9.It will begin at 7:30P.m.There will be music,dancin9,singin9,games andexchange of gifts.Will everybody please bring along asmall gift for this purpose?Remember to wrap it up,signyour name and write a few words of good wishes.

Don’t forget:7:30,Saturday evenin9,roof garden,Main Buildin9.There’s sure to be a lot of fun.Everybodyis welcome.

Thank you for your attention.







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